Blue Robin Suet Block (formerly Appalachia Suet Block)

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Appalachia Suet Block is a nutritious, high energy, economically long lasting wild bird food that appeals to flickers, nuthatches, chickadees and bluebirds. It has been referred to as “catnip for woodpeckers.” This is a traditional mixture of ground cornmeal and suet with grount oyster shell for calcium and dehydrated insects to enhance that nutritional value. Unwrap and place in a suitable holder. Pack of 20 blocks.

Ingredient Analysis
Protein min 10%
Fat min 80%
Fiber min 1%
Net wt. 10.5 oz (298 g)
Not for human consumption.

Ingredients: Rendered beef kidney suet, ground corn meal, dehydrated insects (musca domestica), ground oyster shell, mixed tocopherois (natural preservatives).

“I don’t know what you feed your birds, but if it’s not this – you don’t really like your birds.” – Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

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