Finch Mix Insect Soft Food

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  • Finches of many species and origin benefit from the presence of an insect component in their diet. Feed throughout the courtship and breeding period.
  • A high protein, high fiber, insect suppliment. It contains the birds favorite grains, insects, and dried greens for a basic dietary component.
  • Ingredients: Ground millet, ground canary seed, dehydrated insect(Musca domestica) larvae and pupae, ground flax seed, spirulina, aniseed.
  • Protein 22.66%, Fat 5.55%, Fiber 11.46%


Takes the mess and guesswork out of feeding insect eating birds! Stimulates breeding pairs of Insectivores/Omnivores and balances the diet.

This product contains insects, and only insects; no fillers and no preservatives. It is an optimal food source to enhance the diet and well being of wild and domestic birds, fish and even reptiles. This product utilizes only Musca domestica (the common housefly) which is much more nutritious than any other bug raised in insectaries both professional and at home. As a 100% fly based food source, this product offers an all natural, high protein diet, ensuring that it is the best nutritional food for your insect eating pets.

Our products are always grown and manufactured in the United States at our Payette, Idaho insectary and production facilities. Our insects are purpose-grown on a vegetable substrate specifically for the manufacture of our animal food products. Our insects are not waste or byproducts, as is often the case with some feeder insect products. With over 35 years of experience in the avian and aquaculture field, Fly Farm Products is proud to be able to offer the best insect products on the market.


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