Soya Musca

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1 pound bag – $20.00 ($13 plus $7 shipping & handling)

  • 61.60% Protein!
  • Great addition to hand feeding formulas
  • Can be mixed in with other foods
  • If serving alone use a small “treat cup” or “finger tray”


1 pound bag – $20.00 ($13 plus $7 shipping & handling)

What is Soya Musca™?

From Your Smallest Finch to Your Largest Ostrich


  • Improve protein level & add insect nutrients
  • Add to your own home-made egg food & breads
  • Mix with your favorite packaged hand feeding formulas
  • Sprinkle on your bird’s favorite fruits & vegetables
  • Augment commercial & fruit nectars or gel diets

Soy protein concentrate was chosen as the carrier for the processed insects because the soy flour is high in protein and very low in salts. It is extremely soluble and absorbs about 2.5 times its weight in moisture. The brand used in Soya Musca™ is PROCON® 2000 (#4810, Promosoy 100), manufactured by Central Soya, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. The Musca domestica larvae are grown and processed by Skipio’s. These larvae are grown on a vegetable base specifically for the avian food application. (Larvae grown in offal, as used for fish baits, may contain neurotoxins harmful to birds: the Skipio’s vegetable base process eliminates this concern). The spirulina is grown in pristine ponds and processed by Cyanotech in Hawaii.

Soya Musca™ was designed to provide an easy-to-use product that could augment an insect component into avian diets through a wide range of applications. The soy protein concentrate carrier was chosen because enhancement of protein is often sought. In addition to the proteins found in the Musca domestica larvae, there are valuable lipids and “essential but unknown” nutrients known as “probiotics.” Since many birds evolved on insect rich diets, we felt that even a small quantity of high quality insect material (like this mix) would be of significant benefit to adult and baby birds. Our three years of use of Soya Musca™ in bird collections around the USA emphatically supports this notion. Spirulina was added to the mixture to considerably broaden the base of nutrients available.

Soya Musca™ is used in a number of ways. It was initially intended to be used with any commercial hand feeding and nestling formulas. Most of these formulas do not have the insect component we believe to be so valuable, but many of them have a strong and loyal user base. Instead of trying to convert users to a new insect based product, Soya Musca™ was introduced to allow effortless addition of the insects into birds diets. In this application, Soya Musca™ is added to commercial or homemade formulas at the rate of 1 tbsp per cup. Soya Musca™ may also be sprinked over sprouted seeds, chopped, moistened vegetables and fruits, or may be incorporated into nectar and gel diets.

Among the reported effects of Soya Musca™ is rapid growth of the young with excellent skeletal and muscle development, and feathers of exceptional quality and color. In hookbills it is consistently proclaimed that young birds have better temperaments than those raised without Soya Musca™. This product has also been shown to be effective in reducing the aggressiveness in breeding hookbills, and in promoting feather regrowth in adult birds during molting or due to feather picking.

Numerous wildlife rehabilitation groups in the USA consider Soya Musca™ essential to the effectiveness of their work. Soya Musca™ is now included as an ingredient in a competitor’s product line for birds and reptiles.


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