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- Raspberry and Merle Van Der Weyst Holloway, Minnesota

I have been feeding Skipio's nutritious high protein poultry blocks to my guinea fowl. Guinea fowl, by nature are nervous birds. However, if the care giver moves about the birds slowly and calmly the birds are less flighty. With the help of Skipio's poultry blocks, the birds will come up to the feeder when feed them and practically eat their breakfast right out of my hand. Thank you Skip for this very nutritious addition to my poultry feed.

- Raspberry and Merle Van Der Weyst

Chelsea TWFA

My Finches are now OBSESSED with Bug’Mmms!! They require it in its own container. The Gouldian aviary now has a vacation feeder filled with it. Will have to take a video one day of their behavior when I put a fresh dish in – they’re like piranha!

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