Dear Skip Cockerum,

testimonial3My Wife and I purchased four Araucana Pullets last year in March 2014. We have been using your chicken feed ever since they hatched, and they have been doing Excellent!! We have used at least 3-4 varieties of your food and they have enjoyed everyone of them.

The Hens all have full, silky feathers and are very healthy and eager for us to come feed them every day!! We used the Skipio’s Poultry Fare Caviar Blocks, Chickie Puffs, and Neo Nate when they were just Fledglings. As they have grown, they are about 15 months now, we have changed to the Skipio’s Poultry Fare Crumbles, Chicken Scratch, Dirty Grain and Chicken Treat.

The Hens are all healthy and flourishing! They are always full of energy and their egg laying seems to be quite constant. The eggs that are produced are wonderful and taste great!! On the average, we get 3-4 eggs a day out of our four chickens. The eggs have a nice, hard shell and they also have a dark, rich yellow yolk; as compared to store bought eggs which seem to be soft shelled, break to easy, and don’t have the vibrant yellow yolk, either.

The part of the feed they like the most is the “Freeze Dried Bugs!” They will fight over each other to get the last one, they enjoy them so much!! The Chicken Food that you produce is by far the best and healthiest we have ever used for our Poultry!!

We are looking forward to the new varieties that you have coming out soon! Everyone should definitely try out your chicken food for their Poultry. They will see the difference compared to store bought food in no time!

testimonial4Thanks again,
Justin & Shandee