Bug Hunting
The best method I know of finding live insects is to take an empty soup can and bury it up to the rim outside. You will have an excellent chance of collecting insects that may be suitable as food. I recommend caution though. Feeder insects grown to purpose for our hobby are really safer.

Can I Raise Flies @ Home?
It is a pity that housefly cultivation is not something that can be done in the comfort¬†of your own home. For other insects, like crickets are mealworms, this is feasible. Having used all of them and grown all of them myself, there is no doubt in my mind that the use of fresh housefly larvae provides a far better food source than the other bugs. Fresh, live larvae are wonderful for raising baby birds and prompting breeding adults to come into breeding condition. For the most part it’s pure nutrition, darn good meat. But I think there’s more to it than that. I’ve always felt that the best way to bring a bird into breeding condition is to feed it the foods that are going to be required to raise their babies. It gives them confidence that if there is an abundance of baby food available they will know they can raise their young safely. So not only does the good nutrition bring better eggs and better sperm it contributes to the confidence of the birds in their ability to produce offspring which helps alleviate tossing and abandoning. For the babies small white wriggly larvae stimulate early feeding.

Fly Larvae
My fly larvae are very robust and durable where they are grown but they do not travel well. It can be done but it’s expensive and requires knowledge and expertise both on my part and the receivers. The greatest benefit of the live larvae is that they wriggle which plays into birds’ instincts. Fortunately the nutritional value can be easily provided by dried insects or our packaged recipes.

I have had very good luck shipping live fly pupa. They are far more durable and can travel comfortably in the mail. Although this is not growing your own at home you are able to carefully control the emergence of the adult flies from their pupa case or preclude. The life pupil will hold very nicely under normal refrigeration for three or four weeks. Although flying insects can be quite irritating in your aviary you can set out just enough live pupae so that they will all be consumed within a few hours of emergence. As with all flies the newly emerged adults cannot fly. They simply crawl around for the first half dozen hours until their flight equipment expands and hardens. In that window these insects are easy to use, super nutritious, and can even be fortified with liquid vitamins or other substances.

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