Our newest product is here! Now in 2# and 15# sizes. Dirty Grain is part of our Poultry Fare line of foods designed for backyard chickens, other poultry and game birds. Here is the product description:

One of the reasons free range chicken eggs taste so much better than industrial farmed eggs is that the girls get out and root around in the dirt. The dirt has many of their minerals, micronutrients and it has grit. The dirt has microbes and noticeable insects. I’ve heard lots of gardeners and farmers extol the virtues of their dirt. It is with confidence and comfort I call this lovely poultry supplement Dirty Grain.

Included in this mix is non-GMO wheat and corn coarse ground along with alfalfa, flax and oyster-shell. Into this base I blend fine powdered kelp and powdered spirulina. This blend is coated with pure rendered beef kidney suet. I think the use of this particular animal fat is very good for laying hens. Fat is necessary to make cell walls. The chicken egg is the largest single cells we are commonly in contact with. To use fine animal fat (and this is as good as it gets) for this purpose simply makes good sense. Next, coarse ground dehydrated Musca domestica larvae and pupae that were grown and processed at my insectary. The insect particles stick to the greasy grain particles and give the “dirty look”. Every peck gives most all of what is offered.

One of the tricks I’ve used over the years is to employ the ultraviolet reflectivity of the pupae. Many natural foods reflect UV and bird’s eyes can detect it. They also know that it generally means there is something to eat. So I add dry pupae to act as little beacons enticing the birds to investigate.

Last year my cousin Dave, who is a superb baker, made a huge batch of canolis for desert for a family party. They looked to me very much like housefly pupae cases or shells from which the adult insect had emerged and left behind. Dave filled his shells with luscious creams, cheese and fruit. Now while the empty pupae cases do not have the same nutritional benefit of the whole insect there is significant value none the less. That dessert prompted me to try to fill the empty pupae cases because I knew the birds already liked them. I worked up a technique for “loading” additional nutrition, spirulina and kelp, into the empty shells. These nutritious UV reflective gems are the finishing touch to Dirty Grain. They catch the bird’s attention and excite them to feast.

As usual we have the quality on the inside of the bag where it belongs. Our packaging is selected to protect and preserve the food. The labels are simple, clear, legal and accurate.