Two colorful finches

Photo By Nigel Jacques (Kris) – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

A message to our wonderful customers and subscribers regarding some recent changes:

First things first. If you have visited the website in recent weeks you may have noticed some issues with the website not loading, or a warning saying the site is not secure. We apologize for this. We have been making some positive and much-needed changes to the website, and things got a bit messy for a while.

Fret not though; The site has recovered and is now in excellent form. We are on a new server and now have a brand-new SSL certificate for your protection. The site is running better than ever now, and we’d like to invite you to visit us again.

(Of course, If you do find anything wrong with the site that we may have missed, please email us at [email protected] Your feedback will be appreciated)

Secondly, our products. The bad news: We have decided to quit selling the suets for the time being. There are a limited number of them left, and when they run out they’re gone. The good news: We have a new product: Skipio’s Finch Neonate. Also we have updated the descriptions of many of our products, making them more thorough, accurate, and readable. We hope the changes are helpful.

Third and Final. is not a new site, but it’s getting a makeover and some upgrades. This is where Skip’s methods and research will be posted, as well as many future blog posts by him. This information is open-source, and we only ask that, if you utilize or reference it, you give credit to Skip Cockerum and a link to the source.

Much thanks for your continued interest and patronage,
The team at Skipio’s Fly Farm Products