Skipio’s Egg Meal. 1 lb or 5 lb


1 pound – $16.00 ($9 plus $7 shipping & handling)
5 pounds – $50.00 ($36 plus $14 shipping & handling)

Skipio’s Egg Meal Formula provides a higher concentration of insect, which equals more protein content than other nestling food brands. It is richer in nutrition, which is why it works so well for birds. Skipio’s Egg Meal is high in both protein and fiber, and has no artificial colors or bread fillers. This is an excellent stimulant, and helps condition your birds for breeding, molting, and raising young. Skipio’s Egg Meal is finely ground, and suitable for easy hand feeding. An exceptional additive to your birds’ egg food.


  • Serve in a separate cup, or sprinkle over fruit, sprouted seeds, and vegetables prior to serving.
  • Can be served dry or moistened.
  • Store in an airtight container.  Can be stored in freezer.



Ground millet, ground canary seed, dry egg yoke, dehydrated insect (Musca domestica) larvae, spirulina, aniseed.

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