Poultry Neonate. 2.5 lb bag


Insect soft food mix designed for poultry such as quail or backyard chickens. This product can also be used as a source of dried greens for caged birds, or mixed in with their regular greens. This product is especially beneficial during the breeding season and for growing offspring because of its high protein content.


Neonate is yet another Skipio’s food that will actually encourage your birds and their offspring to eat more. No matter the species or color mutation, if you give your birds the option of their regular mix of dried greens and a second option with Neonate mixed in – they will always pick the mix with Neonate. The reason it’s preferred among our feathered friends is due to the fact that it contains crushed Musca domestica pupae. This makes our mix appetizing to even day old baby poultry, or feeding parents of other caged bird species.

This mix is not only for babies, it serves as a high protein food which has multiple uses during breeding, molting, recovering from an illness, encouraging hand raised birds to eat solid foods, and more. This mix is especially beneficial for those with poultry who don’t have access to some kind of pasture. It brings the greens and insects that all birds normally seek in the wild – right to them.

Add 1/3 cup of Neonate for every 1 quart of starter feed, or approximately a 1:10 ratio. Each 1 lb bag is sufficient for mixing in with 14 quarts of feed. Can also be served by itself, which caged birds prefer.

Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Wheat, Alfalfa, Musca domestica pupae (flies), Flax, Vegetable oil, Kelp, Spirulina, Powdered egg, Oyster shell

Protein: 18% min
Fat: 9%
Fiber: 6% max

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