Poultry Suet Block . 4 pkgs, 11 oz ea.


This Poultry Suet Block was designed for the outdoor species as an essential daily source of the greens, fat and proteins they need in order to survive especially during the colder months. Each pound contains about 5,600 insects raised on organic foods with love on our farm in Payette, Idaho. Each and every ingredient in this block as well as all other Skipio’s foods were chosen because of their superior nutritional value. Many backyard chicken owners hail this as our best product for the outdoor flocks. They claim when you serve this Poultry Suet Block, even their most shy birds will be front and center waiting for it. Great for times of stress or illness also.

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Introducing Poultry Suet Block:

This product is best introduced in small amounts at first. It can take your flock days to get used to the idea since it isn’t something they’d naturally seek out in the wild. Given time they will notice the greens, insects and other delicious ingredients and they will go from “not so sure about this” to “I can’t stop eating this!”


Musca Domestica (insect), non-GMO corn, non-GMO wheat, rendered beef kidney suet, alfalfa, flax, Kelp, Spirulina, oyster shell flour, and mixed organic tocopherols (for preservation).


Protein: min 11%
Fat: min 38%
Fiber: max 8%

Net weight: 11 oz


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