Skipio’s Softbill Mix. 1 lb or 5 lb


1 pound package – $16.00
5 pound package – $50.00
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Our fine mix of dried ground apples, standard softbill grains, greens and insect proteins. The blend is top coated with rendered beef fat to minimize dust and make it easier for birds to feed, while  providing sourced lipids for cell wall development. All highly nutritious and digestible.


Present as stand alone in feeder suitable for birds perching technique or use as top dressing supplement with other foods you provide.




Millet, dried apple, beef kidney suet, dried insects(Musca domestica), soy protein concentrate, whey, calcium carbonate, spirulina, bee pollen.


Protein 15.07%, Fat 13.33%, Fiber 5.84%

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  1. Tuah

    they remind me of Crill ( Krill?) a feeedr fish for dolphin and other water mammals. The dolphin and other fish chase the fish into these very large balls ( hundreds of feet large) and then as the fish try to eat and the krill try to escape they morph into these beautiful calligraphic ribbons of fish…. I live by the lake and have seen the starlings play like this. It is very very beautiful . Thanks so much for sharing.

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